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My doctor doesn’t want me to drink any morebec


But Einstein said’ “I needn’t buy a new one.Everyone knows me here.”


After a few years, Einstein became a famousscientist. But he still wore the old coat. His friend met him againand asked him to buy a new one.

But Einstein answered, “It doesn’t matter. Nobodyknows me here.”

One day, Einstein was walking in the street in NewYork. His friend met him and said to him, “Einstein, you should buya new coat. Look, how old your coat is!”


10. He practices ____________(draw) every day, and now he can ____________ (draw) very____________ (good).

9. Howmany ____________ (library) are there in your city?

8. Mymother’s hobby is ____________ (cook) meals.

7. He isgood at ____________ (swim); he is a good ____________(swim).

6. Everystudent should ____________ (study) hard at school.

5. Wouldyou like ____________ (give) me some pocket money, Mum?

4. He hasno time ____________ (talk) to you now.

3. Thisbasket of apples ____________ (look) delicious.

2. Tommysometimes ____________ (spend) fifteen minutes ____________ (walk)to school.

1. Mike,my best friend, ____________ (write) to me every month.



5. Mymother does housework every day(改为一般疑问句)


4. Ihave something interesting to tell you(改为否定句)


3. Theplane will take offat noon. (对划线部分提问)


2. Sheflies to Nanjingthree times a month .(对划线部分提问)


1. Therearesome children and their parents in the park.(对划线部分提问)


A.inB. onC.forD.with

()10. He will spend his holiday ______ his family in HongKong.

A. ThereisB. ThereareC. There hasD. There have

()9. ______ not any people in my classroom.

A.doB.makeC. makingD.doing

()8. What about ______ a birthday card for your mother?

A.singing; tosingB. to sing,singingC.singing,singingD. tosing, to sing

()7. — Do youlike______?—Yes, but I don’t like ______ now.

A.Tom’sB. Tom sisterC. Tom’ssisters’D.Tom’s sister’s

()6. ______ name is Susan Black.

A.lotsB. very muchC. toomuchD. too many

()5. I like eating chocolates but mum says I shouldn’t eat______.

A. five timesB.the fifthtimeC. thefive timeD.the fifth times

()4. This is ______ I see him here.

C. How often, OncetimeD. How often, Once

A. How long, OnetimeB. How soon, Once

()3. —______ does he go to flykites?—______ a month.

A. look for,inB. find,inC. look,onD. find, on

()2. We can ______ a lot of information ______ theInternet.

C .write letters withapenD. uses a pen to write letters

A. use a pen writelettersB. with a pen to write letters

()1. He often _______.


9.听从她______________________ 10.写信__________________

7.在电视上看足球比赛________________ 8.看太多电视_______________

5.看报纸_______________________ 6.听音乐______________________

3.听收音机_____________________ 4.做模型飞机___________________

1.一周两次_____________________ 2.在8点开始___________________















5.His parents are born in a smallvillage.()________


4. Wedon’t write e-mails use pens.()_________


3. Theforeigner is very politefor me .()_________


2.How doyou speak it inEnglish ?()_________


1.—Who’s thewoman under the tree?—She’s anurse .()__________


20.She is one of thenewest __________ (member) in our team.

19.This is not__________ (he) father. __________ (he) is the man overthere.

18.Can you__________ (sing) a Japanese song for __________ (we)?

17.My mother wants__________ (do) some __________ (shop) at the weekend.

16.Look, who__________ (run) on the playground?

15.My parents__________ (not be) at home on weekdays.

14.It’s hot today.I’d like__________ (go) __________ (swim).

13.Every evening she__________ (spend) about one hour __________ (read)English.

12.He writes to hissister __________ (two) a month.

11.Some of _________(they) are playingat themoment.


A.forB.withC.toD. at

()10. Please send e- mails ______ me soon.

A. spend,dancingB.spends, on dancingC. spends,to danceD. spends, indancing

()9. The girl usually______ a lot of time______.

A. practiceplayingB. practicesplayC.practicing playingD. practiceplay

()8. He likes ______ the violin in the early morning.

A. /,/B. the,/C. /,onD. the, on

()7. He goes to ______ China Space Museum ______ every Tuesday andThursday.

A. favorite,bestB. favorites, bestC.favorites, the bestD.favorite, the best

()6. Chinese and English are my ______ lessons. I like them______.

A. are alllikeB. are bothlikeC. all likesD. both like

()5. My friend’s brother and his sister______ watchingcartoons.

A. All theirclassmateB.They all theclassmatesC.All our classmatesD. All of we

()4.______ are very clever at learning English.

A. chating,eatingB.chatting,eattingC. chatting, eatingD. chating,eatting

()3. He enjoys ______with his friends and ______ ice creams withthem.

A. a best,onB. a best,inC. the best,onD. the best, in

()2. I think Brad Pitt is ______ actor ______ the world.

A. Is,someB. Are,anyC. Is,anyD. Are, some

()1.______ there______ coffee in the cup?


13.喜欢打排球__________________ 14.和他们一起训练_____________

11.每周二和周五_______________ 12.玩得开心________________


7.花一小时做作业___________ 8.我最喜欢的课程________________

5.相互聊天___________________ 6.对我很好_____________________

3.在午餐时_____________________ 4.坐在操场上的树下_____________

1.学校生活__________________ 2.我最好的朋友________________













10.The boy with hissister__________ (study) in a middle school.

9.When do you begin__________ (sing) for the foreign guests?

8.Sheusually__________ (help) her mother __________ (look) after heryounger sister.

7.__________ yourfather often __________ (talk) to you after supper?

6.He always__________ (have) his first lesson at 7:30.

5.Lucy, __________(not close) the door, it’s too hot.

4.The woman in blueis the __________ (twin) mother.

3.Which do you like__________ (good), apples, oranges, or pears?

2.The girl__________ (not know) how much fruit __________ (buy).

1.Is it time for__________ (she) __________ (take) the medicine?



5.Lily’s uncle works in this toy factory.(对划线部分提问)


4. Helikes Chinese foodvery much .(对划线部分提问)


3. It istime for English class.(改为同义句)


2.You must look after your things. (改为祈使句)


1. You canborrow my book.(改为一般疑问句)


A. are, willhaveB. is,areC. is, is going tohaveD. are,will be

()10. There______ lots of animals in the shop. There______ moreanimals next year.

C. the Class 4, Grade7D. Class 4, Grade 7

A. the class 7, Grade4B. class 4, grade 7

()9. Those boys and girls are ______ students.

A.mealsB.breakfastC.lunchD. dinner

()8. The ______ in this restaurant are very delicious.

C. after school, afterschoolD. after school, after-school

A. after-school, afterschoolB. after-school, after-school

()7. They always do ______ activities ______.

A. tell,aboutB. tells,withC.telling,aboutD.telling, and

()6. The girl wants to ______ her mother ______ the strangeman.

C. doesn’t want,growsD. isn’t want, grows

A. isn’t want,growB. doesn’t want,grow

()5. He ______ to be a doctor when he ______ up.

A. are,doingB. are, to doC.is, todoD. is, do

()4. What______ your grandmother going ______ thisevening?

A. for,walkingB.for, walksC.for, to walkD. to,walk

()3. It is time _______ Lily ______ her little dog now.

A. Turn onitB. Turn themonC. Turn offitD. Turn them off

()2. The lights arestill on. _______, please.

A. wake uphimB. wake theyupC. wake it upD. wake up her

()1. Don’t forget to ______.


9.吃晚饭_______________ 10.是吃早饭的时候了___________________

7.上课_________________ 8.写日记_____________________________

5.做早操__________________ 6.进行课外活动_______________________

3.去睡觉____________________ 4.如何获得乐趣________________

1.醒来______________________ 2.午饭后______________________


Welcome to theunit

Unit 2Myday













1. 14岁,My。我没有。体育新闻热点。



A. anhourB. two minutesC. an hour andtwominutesD. more than one hour

()5. Hans found his hotel in ________.

ughedD.drove it to the hotel

A. followed it to thehotelB. got into it

()4. Hans stopped a taxi and ________.

C. it was not easy tofind thewayD. he was not good at driving

A. he had amapB. he had no map

()3. Hans did not find his hotel because ________.

A.CalaisB. LondonC.DoverD. Brussels

()2. Hans lost his way in ________.

A.carB. seaC.airD. bothsea and land

()1. Hans went to London by ________.


Hestopped near the city and looked at his map. Then he drove intoLondon, but he did not find his hotel. He drove round and round foran hour, and then he stopped and got out of his car. A taxi came,and Hans stopped it. “Take me to the Brussels Hotel,” he said. Buthe did not get into the taxi: he got back into his car. The taximan laughed, but then he drove to the Brussels Hotel, and Hansfollowed him in his car. They reached the hotel in twominutes.

Kurtsaid, “Driving to London is very hard. You aren’t going to findyour hotel.” But Hans was not afraid. He drove to Calais, put hiscar on the ship, took it off at Dover, and drove toLondon.

Hanssaid to his friend Kurt, “I’m going to take my car to drive toLondon.”


10.________(not late) for school next time.

9.Ourteacher always __________ (say) every student can ________ (be)very good.

8.There are lots of things for ________ (he) ________ (do)now.

7.Who__________ (bring) the dog here?

6.Eachof us can __________ (sing) an English song.

5.He__________ (not know) where __________ (sit).

4.Mylittle cat really __________ (want) __________ (eat)fish.

3.How__________ (be) your grandfather?

2.He__________ (not like) __________ (drink) milk.

1.__________your aunts good at __________ (make)cakes?


A. ishappyB. are happyC. is happilyD. are happy

()10. Every student ________to see the famous scientist.

A.knowB. areknowingC.knowsD. is knowing

()9. The Blacks ________ their neighbors very well.

A.popularB.politeC.goodD. clever

()8. Is ping-pong very __________ in China?

A. hers,herB. his,hisC. he’s,hisD. her, she’s

()7. This is not ______ school bag. ______ is black.

A.theyB.theirsC.themD. their

()6. Simon and Michael are brothers. Both of ______ are left-handed.

A.twoB.antherC.oneD. the other

()5. She has two daughters. One is Lucy, ______ is Lily.

A.WhatB.WhyC.HowD. How much

()4. —______ do youlike yourschool?—Oh,I like it very much.

A. soundsgreatB. sounds goodC. soundwellD. soundgood

()3. Your parents______.

A.atB.onC.inD. for

()2. My grandma’s birthday is _______ September2nd .

A. are bothlikeB. are alllikeC. bothdislikeD. all dislike

()1. Her father and mother ______ drinking black tea.















5. Mymother buys a bottle of orange for me.(改为一般疑问句)


4.His father is strong and he can lift two heavy boxes.(改为否定句)


3. Theboys always play tennisfor more than an hour .(对划线部分提问)


2. Wecan win the gamebecause our members are very good .对划线部分提问)


1.The boyin white is his son.(对划线部分提问)


5. Youmust look after __________ (you) well.

4. Thisbasketball team is the ____________ (well) in the world.

3. Weshould be ____________ (help) to others.

2. He’salways the ____________ (one) to school.

1. Ronaldois my favorite football ____________ (play).


5.____________(not look) out of the window.

—She often ____________(buy) things formy grandparents.

4.—What____________ your mother ____________(do) on Saturdays?

3. It’seight o’clock. The twin sisters _______ (watch) TV in the sittingroom.

2.—Who_______(clean) the classroom every Friday?—Milliedoes.

1. Whatwould your parents like ____________ (have) for dinner?


A. She all the dollsB.All her dollC. Her alldollsD. All her dolls

()10.______ are really lovely.

A.moreB. a lotsofC.manyD. much

()9. There is ______ water in the sea.

A.blackB.brightC.darkD. light

()8. I can’t see anything because it is ______ outside.

A. toplayB. toplayingC.playsD. to start to begin

()7. Shall we start ______ games now?

A. What,speakB. How,sayC. What,sayD. How, speak

()6. ______ do you ______ that in English?

A. Sorry,SorryB.Sorry, Excuse meC. Excuse me,SorryD. Excuse me, Excuseme

()5. —______. Is itfive o’clocknow?— ______, I don’tknow.

C. some, don’t haveanyD. some, don’t have some

A. any, havenoB. any, don’t have one

()4. —Can I borrow ______ink?—Sorry, I ______.

A.somethingB.anythingC.someD. any

()3. What about having ______ to drink?

A. lend,fromB. borrow,fromC.borrow,toD. borrow, for

()2. I want to ______ some CDs ______ my best friend thisweekend.

A. lend,lendB. lend, borrowC. borrow,borrowD. borrow, lend

()1. —Can you ______a pen tome?—Sorry, but I can ______ mysister’s to you.



7.和我的家人住在北京____________ 8.我所有的课___________________

5.问题的答案____________________ 6.喜欢和他们玩_______________

3.我不知道____________________ 4.擅长体育运动___________________



Main task

A. to playfootballB.something to eatC. cakes andeggsD. dumplings andnoodles

()4. Little Val would like ______ in the restaurant.


()3. He is ______ known to the people in the restaurant.

A. forlunchB. formealsC. forbreakfastD.for supper

()2. He often has hamburgers and potato chips ________?

A. Athome.B. In theschool.C. Inthe restaurant.D. In thesea.

()1. Where does little Val like to eat?


Little Val is five. He likes to eat in arestaurant. He often has hamburgers and potato chips for supper.Many people in the restaurant know little Val very well. They oftenask him, “Why do you like to eat here?” Little Val says, “Because Ilike the toys here.” “Why don’t you go to the toy shop then?”“Because toy shops have toys but they don’t have hamburgers orpotato chips.” Little Val answers.


Jack always ____________________ school ____________________.

5. Jackalways walks to school.

His brother is a______________________________.

4. Hisbrother is a schoolboy in a middle school.

Lily is ______________________________ chess.

3. Lilyplays chess very well.

­__________ you __________ a cup oftea?

2. Whatabout a cup of tea?


1. Myclassmates often help me and I often help them.


5. Wouldyou like anytea?_____

4. Thestudent usually run homeit’sraining._____

3. Tomdoesn’t like go skating at theweekend._____

2. Myfather is 1.76 metertall._____

1. Wheredoes your cousin livein?_____


A.onB.aboutC.toD. at

()10. Girls often talk _____ beautiful clothes.

A.goodB.fineC.niceD. well

()9. She doesn’t dance ______ in the dancing contest.

A. Is,lookingB. Does,lookC. Are,lookD. Does, look at

()8. ______ your teacher ______ happy today?

A. do,growB. is,growC. be, growsD. be, growing

()7. She is going to ______ a singer when she ______ up.

A. wants towinsB. wants to bewinC. wants todoD. wants to win

()6. Bill ______ the next football match.

C. the newest, thedifferentD. the newest, the same

A. the newest,differentB. newest, same

()5. Mike is ______ member of our class. We are in ______group.

A.onB.withC.forD. at

()4. My father enjoys reading news ______ sports.

A.inB.byC.aboutD. of

()3. Sandy likes watching TV programs ______ animals.

A.heB.himC.sheD. her

()2. Xiao Li is crazy about basketball. Yao Ming is ______ favoritebasketball player.

A. swimmingatB. swimforC. swimsatD. swims for

()1. In summer, he always ____ an hour in theswimming pool every day.


9.在校排球队_________________ 10. Simon最喜欢的足球选手__________

7.最新成员___________________ 8.体育新闻___________________

5.看起来很快乐__________________ 6.在比赛中踢得好______________

3.擅长射门______________________ 4.下一届世界杯________________

1.读有关足球的书_____________ 2.效力黄河足球队_____________



C. staying in thehouseD. cleaning, washing and cooking

A.homeworkB. exercises people do in theirhouses

()5.Housework is__________.


()4.The woman is running__________ the man.

A. awomanB. a manC. aman and awomanD. manypeople

()3.They see __________are running in the street.

A. athomeB. inthe parkC.in the streetD.today

()2.Mr and Mrs Su have agood time __________.

C. stay athomeD. stay at home and do housework

A. go out for awalkB. go out and watch people running

()1.In the evening, Mrand Mrs Su often __________.


Now the woman gets near them. Mr Su asks, “Shallwe help you?” “No, thank you,” the woman says, “My husband and Iare running home, and the slower one does thehousework.”

Mr and Mrs Su don’t often go out in the evening,but today they go out for a walk after supper. They go to the parkand have a good time there. On their way home, Mr Su says to Mr Su,“Look! A woman is running in the street and a man is running afterher.” Mr Su says, “ What’s the matter? Let’s go and helpher.”














7.The girl does well in singing and dancing.(改为同义句)


6. Healways goes to school by bus.(改为同义句)


5. Weknow a lot of English words now.(改为一般疑问句)


4.There is some good news in today’s newspaper.(改为否定句)


3. Thebaby drinksmilk every day.(对划线部分提问)


2. Mrs.Smith sometimes does the runningin the park .(对划线部分提问)


1. Thestudents leave schoolat 5 p.m. (对划线部分提问)


A.byB.inC.atD. drive

()10. He often goes to work ______ his car.

A. by bus gotoB. takesthe bus go to C. by bus toD. takes the busto

()9. The student ______ the library at the weekend.

A. runs tohomeB. run tohomeC. runshomeD. runhome

()8. It is going to rain. He must ______now .

A. for,atB. of,atC. of,/D. for, /

()7. His uncle takes his dog ______ a walk ______everylunchtime.

A.haveB.hasC.withD. and

()6. The girl doesn’t like the skirt ______ red flowers.

A. on,atB. at,inC. in,onD. at, at

()5. They usually have supper ______ 6.20 p.m. ______ theevening.

A.wellB. arewellC. fineD.are good

()4.I hope you and your family ______.

A.isB.areC.doD. does

()3. —What ______ youruncle?—He’s a policeman.

A.itB.heC.hisD. it’s

()2. What a lovely dog! What’s ______ name?

A. You’rewelcome.B. Oh,no.C. You’reright.D.Thank you.

()1. —Your voice is verysweet.—________.


11.放学后打排球______________ 12.和我一起放风筝_________________

9.喜欢画画_____________________ 10.和我同学交谈_________________

7.在我祖父母家________________ 8.在饭店吃饭___________________

5.坐公交车回家_____________ 6.跑步半小时_________________

3.在午饭时间_____________________ 4.走回家______________________

1.带我的狗散步_______________ 2.在七点吃早饭__________________



()10. A.usuallyB.badlyC.goodD. bad

()9. A.eatingB. toeatC. todrinkD. drinking

()8. A.toB.forC.giveD. with

()7. A.illB.happyC.angryD. well

()6. A.yesB.sureC.noD. certainly

()5. A. afewB.fewC.muchD. lots

()4. A. forB.withC.toD. about

()3. A.drinkB.eatC.playD. make

()2. A.anotherB.otherC.moreD. much

()1. A.inB.aboutC.atD. on

“Oh,__6__,” said the man. “He is very __7__. The beer is __8__ him. ButI stopped __9__beer. My doctor doesn’t want me to drink any morebecause it is __10__ for me.”

“Oh,”said the barman “Has your friend died?”

But__5__ days later, the man came in and asked only for onebeer.

Theman answered, “Because I do not like to __3__ alone. I drink__4__my friend.”

Oneday the man behind the bar said to him, “Why do you always ask fortwo glasses of beer? Why don’t you get one big glassinstead?”

A manalways went to the same bar ­__1__ the same time every day andasked for two glasses of beer. He drank them and then asked fortwo__2__.


Millie’s first class __________ (begin) at eight. she__________ (have) four classes in the morning and three in theafternoon. After school, she always __________ (play) volleyballwith her friends. In the evening, Millie __________ (do) homework.She __________ (not like) __________ (watch) TV, but she __________(love) listening to the radio very much. She can __________ (sing)many English songs.

Millis is a girl student. She ­­__________ (be) 12 yearsold. She ­­__________ (study) in Sunshine Secondary School. She__________ (get) up at six every day. She __________ (read) Englishand Chinese in the morning and then__________ (go) to school atseven.



7.His cousin is from Canada.(改为同义句)


6.The students enjoy having English class.(改为单数形式)


5. Hedoes homework in the evening.(改为一般疑问句)


4.Amy loves dancing.(改为否定句)


3. It’shalf past six now.(对划线部分提问)


2. Theycan sing English songsvery well .(对划线部分提问)


1. Lily isgood atChinese .(对划线部分提问)


10. She­­__________ (read) English in the morning every day.

9. ­­__________ your father good at­­__________ (cook)?

8. The boy often ­­__________ (draw)pictures in the park.

7. The old man ­­__________ (clean) hisbig house once a week.

6. We ­­__________ (not go) to school onSaturdays and Sundays.

5. Millie always ­­__________ (take) thebus to the library at the weekend.

4. My little cat ­­__________ (eat) fishevery day.

3. ­­__________ she ­­__________ (enjoy)­­__________ (swim)?

2. He ­­__________ (not watch) TV everyevening.

1. Miss Lu ­­__________ (teach) themEnglish.






7.该上体育课了______________ 8.进行体育运动__________________

5.在游泳池里__________________ 6.在羽毛球场__________________

3.打羽毛球___________________ 4.在足球场上_________________

1.打排球_________________ 2.踢足球______________________














8. The oldman can only see things __________ glasses.

7. My bestfriend is__________ Class 4, Grade 7.

6. Thestudents always play football __________ school.

5. Amycomes __________ London.

4. Is yourbrother good __________ running?

3. Wheredoes he live? He lives __________ a big city.

2. Look__________ the blackboard, please.

1. Can youlook __________ the baby for me?


A. puttingonB. putsonC.wearsD. wear

()10. Our English teacher seldom ______ the orange coat.

C.Jimmy, Tom and I;They’reD. Jimmy, Tom and I; We’re

A. Jimmy, I and Tom;TheirB. I, Jimmy and Tom;They’re

()9. ______ are in Class 1, Grade 6. ______ in the sameclass.

A. Is,enjoyB. Do,enjoyC. Are, enjoyD. Does, enjoy

()8. ______ your father _____ reading newspapers?

A.skatesB. toskateC. to skatingD. skating

()7. Kitty enjoys ______ very much.

A. pairs,glassB. pair,glassesC. pairs, glassesD. pair,glass

()6. There are two ______ of ______ on the desk.

A. You’rewelcome.B. Oh,no.C. You’reright.D.Thank you.

()5. —Your English is very good. —________.

A. helphimB.helpinghimC. help meD.to help he

()4. He can’t mend his bike. Let’s ______.

A.inB.onC.withD. wears

()3. The man ______ glasses is our.

C. the football, thepianoD. football, the piano

A. football,pianoB. the football,piano

()2. Daniel likes playing ______, and Simon likes playing______.

A. inplayingB.playC. atplayD. atplaying

()1. My sister isgood______volleyball.



5.There are some tea and milk in thosecups .()____________


4. Thereisn’t any water in my glass.Give meany ,please.()____________


3. I havethreenice pictures .Would you likehave a look?()____________

—Ican seemany bread.() ____________

2.—What can yousee in the bag?


1.Thestudents alwaystakes photos overthere .()____________


5. This isZhao Xiaoli. Lily is her __________ (England) name.

4. Thewoman with __________ (glass) is our Maths teacher.

3. Lucy isin the __________ (read) Club.

2. Helikes to help others. He is very __________ (help).

1. Thegirl is thirteen years __________ (young).


Hello, my n__________ is Nancy. I am 11 y__________old. I was b__________ in the USA. I l__________ in a flat inBeijing now. I don’t w__________ glasses. I e__________ singing anddancing very much. I am g__________ at Maths. I want to b__________a scientist when I grow up.


9.出生在上海___________ 10.乌黑的长发________________________

7.有礼貌而乐于助人________________ 8.放学后_____________________

5.12岁____________________ 6.欢迎来到七年级____________________

3.很喜欢北京___________ 4.喜欢听音乐________________________

1.又高又苗条_______________ 2.在七(1)班_______________________








3.—你是杭州人吗?—不, ___________________________________________________________





8.__________ (be) your cousin very clever at maths?

7__________ you __________ (love) each other in yourfamily?

6. What__________ her classmates __________ (call) her teacher?

5. Myfather loves __________ (read) newspapers after supper.

4. TheZhang family __________ (live) in a flat in Nanjing.

3. Thebeautiful girl __________ (wear) glasses.

2. Sam__________ (not like) playing computer games.

1. Myparents __________ (come) from Shangdong.


A. Do,danceB. Does, dancingC. Are,dancingD.Is, dancing

()10. ______ your best friend good at ______ ?

A.areB.isC.wasD. were

()9. My aunt’s hair ______ black and beautiful.

A. is,comeB. are,comeC. does,comeD. are, /

()8. Where ______ his new classmates ______ from?

A. tolistenB. listeningC. listenstoD. listening to

()7.He loves ______ music at night.

A. Is, is allhereB. Are, are allhereC. Is,all arehereD. Is, are all here

()6. —______ everyone heretoday?—Yes,we______.

A. Was, I wasn’tB. Was, I wasn’t C. Were, you weren’tD. Were, I wasn’t

()5. —______ you born inSuzhou?—No,______.

A. be,isB. was,wasC. was, isD.is, is

()4. He ______ bornin 1994, so he ______ 12 years old thisyear.

A. liveonB. liveinC. livesinD. lives on

()3. Daniel ______ the fourth floor.

C. in the Class Five,GradeSixD. in Class Five, Grade Six

A. in Class five,GradeSixB. in class five, grade six

()2. My cousin is ______.

A.is,itB. does, itC. are,themD. do, them

()1. Where ______ my glasses? I can’t find______.


10. We are__________(主人)of our country.

9. The manwith __________(眼镜)is my

8. I was__________(出生)in Shanghai.

7. Are yougood at __________(跳舞)?

6. He is a__________(有趣)boy. We all like him.

5. Maryenjoys __________(游泳)in summer.

4. She__________(有)black hair and big eyes.

3. Do youwant __________(居住)in Shanghai?

2.You canfind Millie in the__________(阅读)room.

1. Hisfather is a kind man. He is very __________(乐于助人)

二、根据句意和汉语注释, 9.居住在苏州______________ 10.来自北京__________________________

7.擅长游泳_______________ 8.出生于____________________________

5.努力学习_______________ 6.喜欢玩电脑游戏____________________

3.读书俱乐部__________________ 4.喜欢跳舞___________________

1.戴眼镜___________ 2.喜欢阅读__________________________